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#SoulCare – How to Spring Break Mommy Style

Ladies, of the world, it’s time to “get away” for some #soulcare … Spring Break-style. And yes, even if you’re staying home with the kids it is possible. Think simple, intentional, daily choices that bring your heart joy. You may not be traveling to Cancun but there are ways you can bring the vacation to yourself.  I realize that might sound easier than it actually is, but with a little help from our Soul Care : Spring Break Style idea list,  I promise we can create some room for you  ...

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5 Benefits to Having a Strong Women’s Network

Are you a part of your local women’s church group? If the answer to that question is no, then it’s time you became part of one. Women are some of the most wonderful and powerful of God’s creations. Do you want to know what happens when we get together? AMAZING things. I don’t know what I’d do without my network of  incredible God-fearing women. I’m blessed to be a part of the Leadership Team at Women Leading Women, where we all lift each other up to help us live in God’s calling for our  ...

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10 Reasons You Should Choose Rest

If you’ve visited my blog at all lately, you know that I believe as women we deserve more time! Some may ask, “Isn’t that selfish?” Not at all. We must learn to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Here are 10 reasons Christian women need to find time for themselves: You need oxygen! You know how on the plane, if there’s an emergency, you’re supposed to put your own oxygen mask on before your child’s? The same applies in everyday life. You are only able to extend  ...

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Being Bold vs. Being Bossy – Which One Are You?

“The Future is Female.” This statement has been broadcast across a variety of media outlets. As a female entrepreneur, and mother to a daughter, this statement inspires me. I don’t think anyone would argue that we’ve come a long way as women leaders in business. Still, there is that gray area for women that men don’t often face. I’m talking about the B-word. Being bold, versus being bossy. Striving to be a confident leader that’s well respected, while being respectful, can be a struggle if  ...

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