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Craving Rest? Take a Deep Breath and Find Peace

One of my favorite things about working with women is empowering them to build time into their schedules to spend with God. In the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes need to be reminded that what we really need is Jesus — not a better reputation, or nicer kids, or a thriving business, or a superstar husband. But in order to remember that, what we so often need is rest: Quiet spaces to ponder what the Lord did for us on the cross. Time to reflect on how He has worked in our lives.  ...

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#SoulCare — Spring Cleaning Tricks for Your Soul

As women, we’re tempted to constantly worry about appearances, and when springtime rolls around, so does a wave of seasonal appearance-related worries. Is my house clean enough? Is my spring wardrobe up-to-date? Will I look skinny enough in tank tops and swimsuits as the weather gets warmer? Does ANYONE like cleaning blinds? It’s so easy to focus on trying to look a certain way, rather than trying to be a certain way. But that’s not how God wants us to live, as Jesus reminded Martha when  ...

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Christian Crafts for Easter to Teach About the Resurrection

Easter is coming up, and as any of you who follow along here know, I love a good art or craft project. There’s just something about creating and working with your hands that is good for the soul! It makes you pause and focus on something that’s not social media, entertainment or (let’s face it) chores. So whether you have kids or not, here are some activities that will help you to savor this Easter season and celebrate our Savior’s resurrection. Ombre-Dyed Easter Eggs Dying eggs is about as  ...

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#SoulCare – How to Spring Break Mommy Style

Ladies, of the world, it’s time to “get away” for some #soulcare … Spring Break-style. And yes, even if you’re staying home with the kids it is possible. Think simple, intentional, daily choices that bring your heart joy. You may not be traveling to Cancun but there are ways you can bring the vacation to yourself.  I realize that might sound easier than it actually is, but with a little help from our Soul Care : Spring Break Style idea list,  I promise we can create some room for you  ...

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