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2012 Failure Seeking Your Best Advice.

8.1.2012 246

Do I have any fans of failure out there? Anyone just love looking like an idiot? Anyone just proud as can be when something is a flop and want to give me a pep talk about how failure is the only way to learn what will be a win?

When I took the time to look back on 2012 I didn’t have many check marks or things crossed off on my BIG goals list. In fact I can really only count 1 thing as “done”. You see I have become slightly paralyzed by a fear of failure. I am hopeful the damage is reversible because I don’t enjoy living this way. I much prefer being the leaping, jumping, trusting “God can do” anything soul I typically am.

But here I sit with winds changing and cliff jumping on the horizon a bit stunned and stunted by what could be a total and complete fail. And if I am honest I sit disappointed by what I have poured years into and have yet to see any results (I should say…results I wanted to see). Will the year ahead leave me looking like a gigantic dummy? I feel a part of me doubting every whisper I have thought I heard from God.

Oh, I know, I know all the pat answers. I know failure is a pathway to finding all the right ingredients to actually making the light bulb work but I just feel more comfortable, although bored, sitting with my already working light bulb. Am I making any sense?

But God knocked years ago..well actually I knocked and He answered. The homework has been done, the prep tests have been taken and now it is time to give this calling received a real drive around the race track. (I have never watched car racing so don’t ask me where this analogy is coming from…it is late.)

But as I wait for the flag to drop I sit shaking…fear of failure causing me to want to hold on too tight and risk losing control or perhaps not even push the gas pedal so I will take your best advice, your go to scripture, the wisest thing your grandma taught you to conquer and rise above the risk of not racing…not running…not dreaming the dream.

So here I sit…a 2012 failure seeking your best advice.


  • My best advice? Take one day at a time, remember why you do what you do and for Whom, and always remember GOD IS BIGGER. He’s bigger than your goals, your obstacles, your failures, your success and even your excuses. He’s just bigger! And when you break it down like that, all you really need to focus on is NOW. What does God want you to do right now so that you can be ready for what He wants you to do tomorrow.

    I wrote a post for Writer…Interrupted about goals and failure. You can read it here: http://writerinterrupted.com/2013/01/01/how-to-create-a-habit-in-one-day/

    I pray you find hope and peace in His grace today! {{HUGS}}

    • Thanks! One day at a time is written big at the top of my 2013 “list” and you are sooo right God has such a great perspective than we can ever have. Looking forward to what is in store. With Joy, Carey

  • A wise woman once shared one of her favorite books with me. I think it this passage might be familiar.

    “It is time to find the place where the dangerous wonder of faith can be discovered—a place landscaped by risky curiosity, wild abandon, daring playfulness, quiet listening, irresponsible passion, happy terror, and naive grace. In a day when most of us are tired, worn-out, thirsty, and starving for life and joy and peace, maybe it is time to become a child again. Maybe it is time to quit college and take a year off to go to the mission field, or give up a secure job and go back to school, or leave the corporation because the work is killing our souls, or give up the possessions that are possessing us. Maybe it is time to live this dangerous wonder of faith, take our shoes off, roll up our sleeves, and have such a romp as no one has ever seen. Maybe it’s time to play in the snow once again.” – Dangerous Wonder

    Praying for joy and peace and play for you in 2013!

    • Had to go for a jump on the trampoline after reading this quote! Thanks friend! CCB