Pin God 1st! The Commitment & Daily Reading Plan.


A year ago I wrote this. I was needing some help making sure I was choosing God BEFORE all the various social media outlets in the morning. It was so easy for me to use Pinterest to wake up and inspire me.


It was so easy to waste minutes on facebook and then be “out of time” to do any kind of morning Bible reading.


So I decided I was going to switch to an old school alarm clock and that way I would not be tempted by my super duper smart phone in the morning. It worked. It worked for a little while. It isn’t working so great anymore. I am back to my old ways.

TIME TO GET REAL! And time to ask for help!

The season of Lent begins on February 13th and that is a perfect time to re-new my commitment to choosing God before any social media in the morning. I may brush my teeth, I may to have to tackle a kid issue, I may even drive to work but I am committing to read my Bible BEFORE opening ANY and ALL social media apps on my phone or computer.

Sooooo here is the plan. I have put my Lent reading plan together in various forms. I have made it a shared Google Calendar that you can import into your own calendar. You can sync it to your phones. If you copy it to your calendar you can then set a timer on it and it will tell you what the reading of the day is at the time you choose. Mine is going to buzz at me at 5:30 a.m. Hold me accountable?

Click on the +Google Calendar in the bottom right of the above image and it should allow you to open it in your own Google Calendar.

You can email me: emailcravings@gmail.com and I will send you a private link to the calendar.

Here is a direct link to the calendar and then again click on the +Google Calendar in the bottom right of the above image and it should allow you to open it in your own Google Calendar.

I have also made a hard copy version you can use. Download here or here. 

Reading Schedule

Get the picture? There are no excuses.

Together we will Pin God 1st! Join me in making a commitment to read The Bible before you open ANY social media in your day.

We CAN do this!

  • Ceceilia

    I love this!!! I’m quick to support my husband when he fasts FB or twitter but never considered my Pinterest obsession. I’m going to print out your schedule and walk this journey with you. Putting God’s voice before anything else!

    • Yay! Can’t wait. Thanks for joining in! With Joy, Carey

  • jeanne

    thanks for the opportunity to do something like this. I try not to hit FB so often, not to mention trying to put God first, but I’m failing miserably, so this is the perfect plan

    • Yay! Look forward to having you on the quest. With Joy, Carey

  • Yvonne Adams

    This is GREAT!!!  Sorely needed by me, as I am VERY addicted to my phone before my eyes are even actually open!!!  Thanks, sister!!!

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