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Why I Don’t Love Africa.

My brother in-law is one of the co-founders of Invisible Children, my sister in-law is in the midst of adopting from Ethiopia, and my father in-law trains men in Ethiopia in the ways of small business and provides them start up money.

Some of our closest friends adopted their little girl from Ethiopia 4 years ago and she is an integral part of our lives and some of our other dearest friends are in the process of becoming missionaries in Africa.

I have a lot of love for Africa surrounding me.

I have been wondering for months what my emotion to Africa would be.

Would I step off the plane and fall in love with the red, red soil I have been hearing so much about?

I have now been here, in Africa, for seven days and I can tell you that I don’t love it.

I don’t say that to you flippantly.

I actually laid in bed wrestling with God about it through the night. I asked for Him to connect my heart in a way that it wasn’t. I was feeling guilty, distraught, and uncomfortable about my lack of emotion for this land.

But, as I laid there after my venting session to God all I was left with was raw listening ears.

Love God.

Love Others.

Be Faithful.


Love God.

Love Others.

Be Faithful.


God kept speaking it over and over and over.


Love God.

Love Others.

Be Faithful.


He didn’t say “Love Africa.”

I may not have fallen in love with Africa but guess what? I have fallen in love with people. People who love God’s people. People who are faithful to God and His call on their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I have developed a love for the vision God has given The Collie family. My heart is connected and  invested. I have decided that 10% of the sales of all Life Coaching Sessions will now be going to the Allume Community Outreach House.


I have loved knowing the women of the Sole Hope House and receiving the love they pour into the guests while they are here.

(12 of 58)

I have loved hearing the life stories of the shoe makers and tailors. They take the patterns we cut out at the Shoe Cutting Parties and make them into purposeful little master pieces.

(38 of 180)

I have loved seeing the hearts of faithful Ugandan’s who are making a daily difference in the lives of others.


I have loved seeing God’s creation in new ways. THAT is The Nile River!!!

(55 of 58)

And I have simply loved these kids.

(20 of 180)

So while Africa has not stolen my heart I have:

Loved God by seeking His wisdom constantly along this journey.

Loved others through foot washing, shoe fittings, question asking, listening, and using my mad organization skills (ha!) .

Been faithful to who God created me to be and not allowed lies about not being enough get the best of me. 

And the good news is I can do that anywhere. It doesn’t have to be Africa.

And you can too. You can! Mamas, I know it is hard. I know you have your daily list screaming at you. I remember them all too well and I honestly dread going back to them. I know most days you wonder where you are going to fit in a shower but I also trust your heart is to share Jesus vividly with your kids. How are you going to do that today?

When are you going to seek His face? Name it. How are you going to love them freshly today? Plan it. How are you going to celebrate who God created you to be? Claim it!

Where in your life are you loving God, loving others, and being faithful? If you can’t answer those questions then stop and make new choices this day.


  • Holly

    Thank you Carey for your words… God totally spoke to me through you. I know I do these things but need to be more intentional…Name it! Plan it! Claim it! especially with my kiddos. Love you friend!

  • I look forward to hearing more when you get back! :)

  • I agree with you. I love the help I can give to them. I too, am giving profits to Sole Hope. When I speak, I am giving half and sometime the whole thing to Sole Hope. New check coming to them this week!

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  • Love God, Love Others, Be Faithful! Thank you for that reminder, Carey… and that I can do it in my own house, my own town and not have to travel to Africa!

    praying for your safe return

  • Mandy Scarr

    I love your honesty, and I love your heart! Thank you for sharing what the Lord has revealed to you- your words spoke to me this morning!

  • Great insight. When God called me to work with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for a season, I questioned Him hard because honestly I never had a heart for “missions”. When I told Him (what He already knew) that I didn’t have a heart for missions. He said, you have a heart and love for people. So there you go. Wherever there are people, there is a mission field. It doesn’t have to be Africa or India or anywhere far away. It can be in your own back yard!