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The dreadful alarm begins its beep, beep, beeping and what do you do? Do you roll over and grab your Bible or do you roll over and grab your phone for the latest and greatest updates from facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram?

For along time Pinterest had become my morning cup of coffee (I don’t actually drink coffee but you get the point…)! When I would finish pinning all the cuteness I would be out of room in my schedule for God time. I had to make some changes one of them being accountability with you to CHOOSE GOD 1ST!

Pin God 1st is our daily challenge to choose God before social media. Use this calendar and read just a few verses each day BEFORE you check on any updates. That means if you can’t do Bible reading till 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. or 10 p.m. then you can’t check social media till AFTER your reading is done. My guess is you will figure out how to get your Bible reading done.

Below are the printables for December. We are shaking things up a bit this month. Rather than a daily verse we have one verse for the whole month. The fact is with it being December we can tend to get ourselves so worked up coming and going a billion direction that we forget to come and have quality time with The One that matter the most in the midst of the holiday shuffle. So I wondered what would happen if we took one powerful verse and read it everyday for the month of December? I am looking forward to seeing how my mind is re-shaped. Hope you will join me.



Pin God 1st - Advent

 Download for printing from Google Drive

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P.S. – Background and graphics are from We Live Happily Ever After 

Here is a helper sheet for how I do Pin God 1st and what it means to pray the scripture (Lectio Divina)

Helper Sheet

Download for printing from Google Drive

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