Dream Team

Sleep! Who needs it?


My little lady turns three this week! Ahhhhhh!!!!

“What are you going to give up or decrease to make room for your God-sized dream?” she asks

Well the answer to that is EASY!!!


If I could skip sleep for perhaps 2 weeks I could make so much progress with the dreams that stir in my heart.

So there you have it I am going to decrease sleep.

No? What? I can’t do that?

Oh, no! What now???

Here is the deal. I have so many things on my “to-do” list. So many things in my head that need writing, so many things on the blog that need tweaking, so many things I need to pursue and push on but more than ALL of that I need more time with God. I need to be able to hear Him clearly so that the decisions I am making are led by Him and not just wanted by me.

Sooooo what am I going to decrease? I am going to cease hitting my snooze button. I am going to give up sleeping “late” and get my buns out of bed with enough time to spend a good chunk of time reading, journaling, and processing with the One who has plans for me.

To help motivate me I have put together an action plan.


Pin God 1st! I am going to choose God time before any social media. If you need some encouragement to hang with God first too I would love to have you join in. You can download the reading calendar here.

It is that time of the week when I hook up with my God-sized dreaming buddies! Come hang out…we have so much fun.

  • I LOVE IT!  Pin God 1st (AWESOME) I love that you have a plan in place for your quiet time with God. I tried to do the Hello Morning but my night owl tendencies and late work hours made it difficult to chat with the ladies at 6:30am. I am really diggin’ your schedule. 

    • Yay! Thanks for the feedback! So thankful for your encouragement. With Joy, Carey

  • I am giving up staying up late so I can get up earlier! Great minds… ;) also its not like there’s much else we can cut out, right? :)

    • Agreed! I will be praying with you for disciple. With Joy, Carey

  • AJ

    This is great.  Thank you.  I’ll be joining in. 

    • Yay! Praying it is going well. With Joy, Carey 

  • I’m with you on this one. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier and get up earlier in the a.m. for quiet time and daily planning – even a little exercise thrown in there some days! I find that my attitude – and therefore my whole day – is better when I get up earlier to take care of what’s really important.