Dream Team

The Truth to Her Dare.

Today is one of my favorite days of the week and it’s not just because it was Bachelor watching day. I enjoy today because it is my day to do a heart check on my God-Sized Dream. Thanks to Holley Gerth and her mission to support and encourage women in their dreams I am making steps forward in knocking down the door God has before me.

This week her question is: What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud?

Okay, I want more clothes from Anthropologie and more trips! THE END!

That is my non thoughtful AND very selfish answer.

Let me throw the REALLY part in there.

What do I REALLY want more of in my life?

Here is goes…

I want more deep breaths.

I want less rushing in the morning and more enjoying.

I want my children to have all of me instead of a half crazed mom that is racing around about being late for this or that.

I want to move slower, snuggle longer, and laugh more often.

I want to focus on my home and the piles of things that haven’t gotten my attention.

I want my kids to get to eat breakfast at a table rather than out of a wrapper in the car.

I want my children to know that a day with Mommy AND Daddy isn’t just a special occasion.

I want to feel alive when I “work” and used to my fullest potential.

I want to know if I can do it and if not I want them to see me trying my best.

I want to be an influencer and a vessel of God’s to other moms.

I want to feel challenged, pushed, and driven.

I want to know what it is like to simply be a church go-er rather than a church worker.

I feel like I want too much. In the end I simply want to fulfill my purpose.


Thanks for the dare. There is the truth.

  • ThandiweW

    “I simply want to fulfill my purpose.” And that is all. Beautifully written, Carey. May we all be so blessed.
    Peace and good,

  • Mel

    I love this…just beautiful. You really challenged me to think through the many things that make up a day…and do them better. To fulfill the purpose He has for me. Blessings, friend!

    • Mel – Your consistent encouraging heart is such a gift!

  • Love this!  Such a glimpse into a normal day in the life of a busy Mom… and yet you said it was a selfish list of Wants – but I think it was simply an honest list… one that many will benefit from! Leaning in to our God-Sized Dreams together!

    • Praying with you Dreamer! And thanks for the kind words. They are a blessing. 

  • Oh girl!  THIS!  Yes.  Me too.

    • Oh Mama! You are an inspiration yourself but I KNOW you can relate! 

  • <3

  • Kathryn Getman

    Great list! Thanks for sharing.

    • You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by! With Joy, Carey

  • Gigi

    This is amazing… I want all of these things as well!!! Amen and amen!