Dream Team

1,2,3 Inspire!

I am inspired by my awesome besties that I get to watch live out their God-Sized dreams each and every day.

First up meet Carrie Fay!


Six and half years ago she picked up a camera with the goal of learning how to photograph her new born baby. She was simply dabbling and even played with her new craft at our wedding. After her precious little man was born she starting fall in love with this art form. She began gifting friends with maternity shoots, newborn baby sessions, and then came the Christmas family sessions.


But the big leap came when God laid it on their heart to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. She began using her skill as a means to raise the money to bring their baby girl home (you have to have to watch that link!). Fast forward a few years and now she is a full fledge professional photographer that has the opportunity to travel across the country, connect with families for special occasions, and work a schedule that allows her to home school her littles and be the wife and mom she is called to be. Her gift blesses my family and so many families for a life time! Take a look at her art via her website you can also find her on facebook. AND you can check her homeschool/family adventures at Amaro.

Now meet Ginger!


Close to seven years ago a resume showed up on my desk. I took one look at it and went running down the hall to HR screaming “I must have this girl on my staff!” To my surprise I convinced her to leave my home state of Texas and adventure to the desert. I got the honor of working side by side with her for years…learning with her, growing because of her talents, and developing a kindred friendship. But our time of getting to work side by side came to end once she met Mr. Right who sadly lived over an hour from our work place. Ginger made the bold step to push down the doors of her God sized dream. She wanted to do ministry to teens through responding to their questions and concerns, by encouraging them in their faith, and by speaking into their hearts.

ging blog


And she has done it!!! She runs a meaningful blog and speaking ministry at GingerCiminello.com and if you know anyone looking for a speaker to INSPIRE the socks off of teens this IS your woman!

Last but not least meet Erin!


I have known Erin for 10ish years through church. We have had a variety of relationships. I have been her boss, I have not been her boss, I have been her boss again, and not her boss and so we have finally settled on being friends. Deep, deep friends! A few years ago Erin said. “I want to go be a missionary in Africa.” I don’t even remember my reaction. I think I just nodded my head and thought “okay!” But, then I got to watch her go into action mode. She and her hubs raised the money to go to Mozambique with Food for the Hungry. Her husband has gone back to school to become a Pastor and she left a ministry that was comfortable for her and launched a new ministry at our church that has been transforming for the church and the people it is reaching. She is taking all the steps needed to fulfill her God sized dream. I am so proud of her. She also serves as a super loud cheerleader for me!

Wow! I am thankful to have woman that surround me daily that inspire and spur on God sized dreamin! I am hanging with Holley and my fellow dreamers today! Come on over and get encouraged!