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#SoulCare: 6 Simple Ways to Show Gratitude Toward Your Loved Ones

World Gratitude Day is coming up on September 21st and I have been trying to think of the appropriate way to celebrate. We thank our friends and family for the gifts they give us and the things they do for us, but their support goes further than that. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day “stuff” without realizing how we’ve gotten here.

Take some time to appreciate those people who have been your backbone. Your family, friends, church members and colleagues have gotten you through the good and the bad and now it’s time to say thank you. It’s so important to show gratitude to those who make your life so fulfilling. 

Want to know the best ways to show gratitude to your loved ones? Read on!


#1 – Send a handwritten Thank You

Who doesn’t get excited when they get something through snail mail? A handwritten letter shows that you put that extra piece of effort into making sure your loved one knows exactly how much you care. A physical note is also something that they can keep as a reminder of your relationship. This could even be a chance to practice your script writing (and who doesn’t love to go to the post office and pick out cute animal stamps)?


#2 – Call just to check in

Show them that they were on your mind. You don’t always need a reason to call someone, especially if they live far away and you don’t see them often. If it’s difficult for you to chunk time out of your day, schedule a call with them! Better yet, make it a Skype call and show them what’s new in your life.


#3 – Pick up on the little things

This is especially important with your family. God bless my husband. He is such a saint dealing with me running around like a mad-woman chasing kids, answering emails and planning my next event. I like to show him how much I appreciate him as my rock in little ways. We’re a busy family so there isn’t always time for grand gestures. You’d be surprised how far cooking his favorite meal or tidying up the garage goes!


#4 – Shower them with compliments

Don’t be sappy or disingenuous, but let your loved ones know exactly what you appreciate about them and use specifics. I have a church friend who tells me every Sunday that she’s praying for me and believes in my work. That is so encouraging to me and I want her to know how much her comments lift me up! Remember that scene in Legally Blonde 2 with the “snap cup?”


#5 – Spend time with them

This might be the simplest of all the ways to show someone that you appreciate them and to say thank you. Grab a cup of coffee, go see a movie, or grab a bottle of wine and relax on the couch. Make the time about them and let them know you’re thankful for all they’ve done for you.


“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17


#6 – When in doubt, say “thank you”

There’s no task too little to be appreciated. If someone makes you feel that fuzzy feeling, let them know! Odds are, it’ll make them feel great and they’ll keep treating you in that loving manner. I appreciate it when my husband makes our bed. The support my women’s church group gives me is priceless.

I want to thank all the people who have supported me throughout the years. The transition into my entrepreneurial career was exciting, stressful, confusing and inspiring. All the people who stood and continue to stand by me are truly a blessing. To my LORD, my husband, my children, my church body, my women’s network, my clients and all others who touch my life: THANK YOU!