Sole Hope

From: A child in Wakisi


I am a child.

I live in the village of Wakisi.

Wakisi is in Uganda.

Uganda is in a continent called Africa.

This is where I am a child.


I am a child just like your children.

I love to laugh.

I go to school.

I play.

I like to be tickled.

I think peek-a-boo is funny.

I like to learn new things like patty cake.

And I smile when you sing your silly songs at me.


But here in my village evil lurks.

And it lurks in a place that you wouldn’t expect. It lurks in the sand. In the dry, dry sand.

I imagine you think of sand as a place to play at school or you think of white sands on the beach but for me sand is a place of danger.

Here is where a bug waits.

A chigoe.

A jigger.

A sand flea.

It waits to feed on me. It waits for my blood to drink so that it can dive in and make a home. Once at home it settles and gets way too comfortable. My feet becomes the home for its babies.

Inside of my life as a child they try to take over and wreck havoc.


They cause me pain, irritation, and deformation. They don’t belong in me.

These enemies come to destroy.

And today I know hope.

Your vans that were packed inside and out brought hope.

There is hope in your fresh water, in your soap, in your hands that wash my feet.


There is even hope in the pain of their extraction from me.

There is hope in the hands that hold me and wipe my tears as I whimper in the goodbyes.

There is hope in the faces that smile and give me a solution.

There is hope in my teacher that shares education with me.

There is hope in my soul because you see value in me.

You see that I am a child created by God. You see that He created me special just as you are and you come willing to share your hope of Him with me.

Today you came to Wikissi and you brought hope.


Sole Hope.

Love, A child from Wakisi

Jesus:See this little one? Whoever welcomes a little child in My name welcomes Me. And whoever welcomes Me welcomes the One who sent Me. The smallest one among you is therefore the greatest. Luke 9:48


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Team Members

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