The Conductor and His Instruments.

It is Sunday. My Sunday off from work which makes it an extra special day.

I get to go to church with my family. The kids ask if we get to ride in the same car together and I say “Yes!” They are so excited. I never even knew they noticed we went separately. It makes me realize that they value the little things. It makes me a tinge sad.

I arrive and the music begins to play. It takes me a bit before I sink in. I have to remember I don’t have a radio strapped to me and there is no ear piece that might scream “code Adam”. I am allowed to let go but I have to give myself permission.

I close my eyes and hear “There is only one word to describe…”

My eyes are flooded.

                There you are God. You are serving as a conductor. There we are, the instruments.

We are dressed in our symphony best and we are ready. Ready to be led by Him and ready to play for them. We wait for His cues, for His hands to raise and wave us in to His story. He gently leads us. He knows when we are to come in and when we are to fade out. We play together at His direction because we trust that He has woven us together in the most beautiful way possible. He knows our power. He knows when we make an impact and when our silence is more powerful than our noise. We value His movements, instinct, and control. He only asks us to pay attention and to follow His lead. Together we will make music.

And boy does He knows how to make beautiful music, music that overwhelms the soul, music that changes hearts , and music that leads people to a life everlasting. But He needs us and uses us, His instruments. We are His to play. And we need Him and use Him, our Conductor. He is ours to delight in.  Let us be the body of work you dream of, are proud of, and desire to never stop playing.

Lord, make us an instrument. Make us an instrument of your peace, love, and joy. With the greatest being love.

               With the greatest being love.

I am thankful when I the chance to just be in His house. Thankful. 

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