Dear Daddy,

* My Daddy doesn’t make much of an appearance on the Cravings blog. It is a site for moms so I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty about that. But he is very important to me and there is incredible value in the role of a father. In honor of Father’s Day approaching I wanted to share about him. I tried to write this post several ways but in the end it came out best in letter form.

Dear Daddy,

True we talk sports, weather, grandkids, and work. But we don’t talk enough about the more valuable things. I don’t take the opportunity to say thank you or to tell you just how important you are to me. Please know that I am grateful you are my dad and I have learned much from you. Because of you I can play tennis, basketball, and soccer. I can appreciate the game of football. I have never feared a sport just because I was a girl. You tried your hardest to teach me math. Thanks for trying. It was a long shot. You supported my dreams even if you had other ones for me. Thanks for that.

My favorite memories include puzzles, reading The Secret Garden, playing with the color printer you brought home that was the size of an entire room, kite flying, picnic eating, your attempt to do my hair when mom was gone, going to the airport to greet you from your business trips, your AH-MAZING Easter scavenger hunts, car shopping, Dad’s Weekend at college, your visit to see me in Phoenix where we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, and watching you take Renn on wagon rides.

While it is not a favorite memory I can’t ignore the cancer. The fear that came over me. Watching you in pain. Seeing you cry. And then there is the story that unfolded after. You received a type of anger from me that you didn’t deserve. Or maybe you did. The verdict is still out for me on that. Thank you for bringing restoration to our family. Thank you for pushing. I am forever grateful for how I learned about marriage from you.

I learned the value of not letting your voice disappear, how critical it is to make sure community and Christ don’t slip from the core, I learned to never give up, I opened the door to miracles and begged and pleaded for God to change your heart. Thank you for your willingness. Thank you for leading by example and teaching us even when we think we are past the teaching age.

I know I am blessed. Sometimes I want more for us. I want to be a father and daughter duo that chit chats on the phone or shares more easily but I know what I do have is more than most kids have. I know you are safe and that you love me. And I love you too Daddy, I love you.
Happy Father’s Day.
I love you, CCB

* I pray you have a positive Daddy or Daddy figure in your life. How can you plan to encourage him this coming weekend?