Dear God Letters, Sole Hope

Dear God, I know.

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Last night after 19 hours on planes I laid my head down in Entebbe, Africa.

I know, I was with you. 

I didn’t really sleep. I just laid there trying to sleep.

I know, I saw you. 

Between the dogs howling, the critters crawling around, wondering if Logan was going to make stand-by, and all the other things rambling in my head I was having a hard time resting.

I know, I heard you. 

AND then the rains came.

I know, I made them. 

I mean sheets and sheets and sheets of rain. Rains I only see every blue moon during monsoon season. As it rained I started praying. I prayed for everyone and anything I could think of. And then my mind felt like it was running dry.

I know, I listened to you. 

And then my praying led to thinking and trying to think at that hour is never really a good idea. It is kinda like staying out past midnight. I started letting lies in. I started thinking about why I am here. What profound, meaningful, inspirational thing could I possible say over the next 10 days to benefit Sole Hope?

I know, I watched you. 

As I started to plot and plan thankfully truth came to my mind. Words you have to whisper to me often.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

I know, I whispered them. 

I slowed.

I looked.

I heard you in the rain.

I saw you being a solution maker in the worries.

I see you in the contrasts that are consuming my mind.

I know you are ever present with me. You don’t leave or forsake.

But, I am still searching for my why.

Why am I here?

I called. You answered. 

You will not abandon and I will be present. 

I am your why. 

I know, I see you here.

He is ever present with me;at all times He goes before me.

I will not live in fear or abandon my calling because He stands at my right hand.

Psalm 46:10

SHBLOGGERS_200x200For the next 8 days the #blogHope team will be sharing the life and ministry of Sole Hope ministry with you. My prayer is your heart will connect with them as my heart connects. And while going to Africa might not be in your plans there are ways you can make a difference in your living room. Sole Hope makes it super simple to host an in home Shoe Cutting Party. Get all the details here.

Team Members

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