Is life coaching right for me? 
Are you goal oriented? Are you motivated? Are you hard working? Are you excited to create change in your life? If so, then life coaching is for you. I have had a life coach and I have seen professional counselors. There is a time and place for both depending on your goals and what you are working through. What makes life coaching unique is that it is forward thinking. We do not examine or look back. If you are curious then I recommend making an appointment for a free introductory session and let's figure it out together.
How does coaching work? 
Life coaching happens through a series of conversations that can take place in a variety of ways. We can meet via phone, Skype, Goggle Hangouts, Voxer or Facebook Messenger. If you process through written words we can even do all our work via email. The beauty is that our meetings can be tailored to meet your specific needs as a woman or family. After our 45 minute session, you will also have self-driven homework to complete between our sessions.
What time can we meet? 
I live in the Denver, Colorado area and I am in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. I can meet with you in the morning or afternoon and on request I can make the evenings available. I am committed to finding a time that will work for you while I keep my family a priority. You can view my calendar of openings here.
Do you offer payment options?
There are various package options to fit your financial needs. The more sessions you purchase the greater accountability you receive. Once you are an established client there is a year long subscription based coaching option available which gives clients the largest discount. On special occasions, I do offer payment plans. Please let me know if that is something you need to discuss. I want to do all that I can to provide this for you.
What if I don't like coaching once I get started? 
Coaching is a process and will not be a quick fix. Before you experience breakthroughs there will be some hard parts that you will need to push through. I will walk with you. Your purchase of a coaching package is non-refundable unless I determine as your coach that terminating the relationship is in your best interest.
Do my coaching sessions expires? 
In order to best serve all of my clients, your sessions do expire after a certain date that will be outlined in the client agreement you receive after the purchase of sessions. If you purchase a 4 session package your sessions expire 6 weeks from your start date. If you purchase 8 sessions your sessions expire 4 months from your start date. If you purchase 16 sessions 7 months from your start date.
I want to coaching so what do I do first? 
You will need to book a free 15-minute session so that we can make sure we are fit together. You can book your session through my online calendar.

After your FREE introductory session I will have you complete a client intake form along with a Life Balance Survey. The information I collect from our introductory session and these documents will help us set the direction we go in our first meeting.
You will need to bring with you:
An open heart
Honest communication
A willingness to work hard.
Sound like a good fit for you and your schedule?
Then make the choice to satisfy your cravings for abundant life and sign up for your free introductory session today.