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Fierce Women You Need to Know From the Bible

Happy National Women’s Equality Day (Well almost, officially it’s the 26th, but in my mind, everyday is women’s equality day)! This is an important time to reflect on the strides we have made as women. Though there is work still to be done, I am thankful for the women who have come before me and paved the way for the mothers and daughters of today, especially women of faith who have worked to honor God. Both in my faith and my daily life as a Christian woman, mother and entrepreneur, I draw inspiration from these fierce women in the Bible.





Ruth gave herself over to God when she converted from the tribe of Moab. She was a determined convert and showed loyalty and unselfish friendship. Her story reminds us that God can forgive the past when we prove our true devotion to Him.



Hannah believed herself to be barren, but prayed day and night to God to bless her with a child. She was so pious and devoted that God answered her prayers and she was blessed with a son, Samuel, and went on to bear five more children. Her story offers us a lesson in faith; when we trust in God and his plan, we will be rewarded.



With her husband, Aquila, Priscilla worked to spread the word of God and held gatherings in their home for worship and meditation. We can be inspired by Priscilla’s devotion to her husband and to her faith, as well as her service to the church.



Despite fear and persecution, Esther fought to save her people from the nobleman Haman who plotted to kill the Jews. Her actions saved the Jews from genocide and pushed forward God’s plan for His people. Esther teaches us to have courage and be steadfast in our beliefs, and to be open to our role in God’s divine purpose.


Mary Mother of Jesus

Any list of inspirational women from the Bible would be incomplete without Mary Mother of Jesus. Without questioning, Mary gave her life to God and accepted the holy duty she had been chosen for. Mary exemplifies the level of faith, trust in God, and devotion to family we must strive to emulate each day.


There are many more women in the Bible—and in my everyday life—who never fail to inspire me to be a better mother, wife, and follower of God. This National Women’s Equality Day, look to these women and the women around you for examples of selfless and devoted living.