Dear God Letters

God, Don’t let me forget.


I know I don’t say it enough but I wanted to say it now while I am thinking about it. 

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you some more for my sweet family.

Thank you for all the giggles that fill our home.

Thank for the tender moments I peeked in on between father and daughter playing tea party.

Thank you for the conversations I overheard between father and son as they talk about why daddy is looking for a job.

Thank you for kids who want to have a “pajama party” during the day so that we can chill together.

Thank you for “stay at home mommy day” so that we can make crafts. 

Thank you for a husband who goes up to a group of men in a restaurant who are using inappropriate language and asks them to “watch it” because there are kids around.

Thank you for a son who gets soooooo excited because I made Rice Krispy treat pumpkins.

Thank you for alone time.

Thank you for a solution to our lost Disney World tickets.

Thank you for my daughter who snuggles in and wants me to still “rock the baby.”

Thank you for 9 whole hours of sleep.

Thank you for a husband who does laundry because I really don’t know when I would do it.

Thank you for opportunities to spread You and Your message to those needing light in their day.

Thank you.

I know I have been a bit of a whiner lately, I know. 

When I take a step out of my personal saga I see all that I have and can have.

I am blessed and grateful beyond measure.