Dear God Letters, Reviews

God, I failed.

I need to admit something.

Okay, what?

Over the last few days as the reality of everything is starting to settle in I feel as if I have failed my children.

How and why?

I have been so focused on selfish prayers, my doubts, and worries that I have let go of pouring into them. Our daily Bible reading and prayer time with the kids has been inconsistent to say the least.

You can’t beat yourself up. All you can do it start again.

I know. Thank you for that! And I have to tell you I am so blessed by this new  resource that has come across my path. A dear bloggy friend has come out with a guide for our parenting heart that is feeding me and pushing me to desire more for my spiritual walk as a parent. The cool thing is even during this busy, busy season for me at work this is doable. It is quick, simply, but meaningful and gives me food for thought throughout my day. It is also a bonus that it focuses on one of my favorite things, Your fruit of the Spirit.

You can never have enough love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

And Teri Lynne is such a kind soul. I can still remember coming across her blog very early in my blog days. She was so sweet to do a guest post for Cravings and then it was extra special to see her at Relevant (now Allume) last year. Truly, I can’t say enough about her heart even though I mostly know her from a distance. I am incredibly thankful for how you work in each of us…giving gifts, vision, and then using us to feed each other Your Word.

That is the purpose in the body of Christ. Use her gift, access it, grow from it, and share it with others. It will be a blessing to many.

It will bless many. Any mama out there that feels tired, weary, and burdened by parenting will receive comfort from using this special book.


Click here to view more details on how you can purchase Parenting from the Overflow. You can easily connect with Teri Lynee and be influenced by her ministry via Facebook and Pinterest

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