Dear God Letters

God, it feels like 7th grade again.

7th grade Carey. Wow! I needed a brow wax.

Hi God.


I feel like I am in 7th grade all over again.

What do you mean?

I feel immature in my faith. I feel like I am praying like I did then.


When I wake in the morning I feel like praying “God, if you will please, please, please give my husband a job today I will never ever do anything bad again!” Remember those days?

Oh goodness. Of course I do. Let’s think about that. How did that style of praying work out for you then?

Well usually I was praying for some boy to like me or I was praying to do well on a test that I didn’t study for.


So it was silliness. I can’t ever remember that any of those prayers came to reality or I should say came into reality my way.

Did that stop you from praying or believing?

No. Never. I just trusted you knew what you were doing.

And now?

Well, I would say the same. I trust you. I trust you know what you are doing.

Then why the need to make a “deal” with me?

I guess it seems easy.

Easy. Need I remind you easy is not my style. While I don’t ever want to see anything bad happen to my children if life brings circumstances their way My hope would be to see them grow, learn, and push. None of that is ever easy.

No, but it is always worth it in the end. I have no shortage of chapters in my story which “the push” doesn’t grow me. I always like me and us better after the learning moment.

I like us too. There is no need to make a deal with me. Trust that I have got you.

P.S. – But if you want to work on the “never doing anything bad” anymore go for it! J Kidding!