Life Coaching

I desire to create change in my life. 

I desire to live a full and abundant life as God has intended. 

I believe biblical scripture can transform my life. 

If that is you then coaching can equip you to create forward movement in your life.

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a partnership in which I will listen, pose questions, encourage, strategize, empower and dream with you.
You will set forth the hopes and dreams you wish to achieve during our conversations and I will guide you through a series of exercises that will open the doors for you to partner with God in creating change.
We will assess your current circumstances, paint a vision for the future, and breakthrough obstacles in your life.
Together we will develop a strategy that will allow you to live life to the fullest and walk with purpose.

My mission is to support your desires & satisfy your hunger for an abundant life.

If you are plagued with negative thought patterns, stuck in un-healthy relationships, unsure of how to move forward in your God-sized dream, or simply feeling like you are in a life rut, allow me to partner with you as your coach. I promise to be your bridge to the other side.
I offer one-on-one coaching via phone, video, email, and voxer and two e-courses; Craving Time & Craving Rest.
If you desire one-on-one coaching please sign up for your FREE introductory session today! *** I am currently (6/1/18) on a Summer Sabbatical until September 2018. I would love to refer you to my friend and fellow coach, Elisa Pulliam
To learn if life coaching is right for you and the details of how it works please visit the FAQ’s page.
To read my personal journey with life coaching check out my story here.