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Pin God 1st Gets A Makeover!

September! That sounds like such a dreamy month. I am envisioning parts of the country that are cooling off and watching things change colors but here in Phoenix we consider it painful. It SHOULD feel like Fall and instead it is still over 100 degrees and the sweat…it just keeps dripping. We grumble and groan and wonder when oh when will it ever end? There is an end in site but we still have 45ish days to go…it is kinda torture. Good thing I am escaping the heat mid September for Camp Create! Woot woot!!! I.CAN’T.WAIT!!!

Last month I started to feel restless about Pin God 1st. We have been doing it here for close to 2 years and it is the one thing I am actually consistent with on the blog. I didn’t want to get rid of it but I felt the need to change it up. After doing Summer of Joy in June & July I really enjoyed the encouragement to make some fun choices in the midst of the everyday so I decided to combine the two.

Welcome to the makeover version of Pin God 1st!

choosing God & intentional living before social media


I hope you like it. I am pretty excited about the fresh look and space to doddle. Download from Google Drive here

1 - 15 16-30

I also included a detailed information helper about how I read the encouraged scriptures. I hope this is a resource for you in understanding my heart and purpose for Pin God 1st. I don’t see this as Bible Study but rather as time for you to be in conversation with God about what word or words He has for you through scriptures. Read more about what it means to Pray the Scriptures (Lectio Divina) here.

Helper Sheet


Coming September 3rd:

choice in frame