The Rain Boot Party!

I love celebrating my children! And I enjoying creating experiences for them that are relevant to their age and place in life. With my Avery’s second birthday I wanted to showcase her love of SHOES. Especially her joy of wandering the house in rain boots. And so the rain boot birthday party was born!

The Invitation
I have the best invitation gals! Fresh Chick Designs took my inspiration board and made magic.

The Front Scape
frame rescued from the trash and turned into a yarn “wreath”

The Birthday Girl!

The Craft Station
I love the way the crafts turned out.
These self adhesive hearts from Michaels were awesome. 
Lots of curly ribbon from the dollar tree. 
The Dessert Table
Cherry cake made by Grandma
Strawberry Cookies
The yarn poms were my labor of love this year. 

The peanut butter hearts dipped in chocolate were a hit!

From Sweets & Treats Boutique
I enjoyed making a mess on purpose with my heart confetti. 
The Thank You
In lieu of gifts we collected new kids shoes for an area Crisis Nursery
I am excited that we collected 15 pairs of shoes. We look forward to dropping them off. 
And thank all our friends and family for coming! 
Upcycled Crayons. Tutorial Here