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#SoulCare — Spring Cleaning Tricks for Your Soul

As women, we’re tempted to constantly worry about appearances, and when springtime rolls around, so does a wave of seasonal appearance-related worries. Is my house clean enough? Is my spring wardrobe up-to-date? Will I look skinny enough in tank tops and swimsuits as the weather gets warmer? Does ANYONE like cleaning blinds?

It’s so easy to focus on trying to look a certain way, rather than trying to be a certain way. But that’s not how God wants us to live, as Jesus reminded Martha when she was more worried about being the perfect hostess than being in His presence.

This season, let’s reject perfectionism in favor of building time for our soul to grow to be more like Christ. Here are some practical ways to pursue peace in our hearts this spring — as mompreneurs, students, working moms, women’s ministry workers, and simply as Christian women.

Choose to let go of the past.

If something is weighing you down — a grudge or a hurt or a deep soul ache from your past — bring it to the cross. Tell Jesus it’s too heavy for you to carry, and remember what He promised: His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Give it to Him. Repent, if needed, talk to a trusted friend or counselor, if needed, and walk in freedom


This doesn’t need to be intense. It could be going for a walk every week or riding bikes with your kids or doing a 10-minute ab workout in your basement. Allow yourself the time to clear your mind and get your body moving, and remember that our minds and bodies are connected — so it’s important to take care of both to have a healthy soul.

Help others.

Dig out an old (or new!) favorite recipe, and cook it for a neighbor or friend in need. Sometimes the greatest way to help our own hearts is to find compassion for the pain in others’.

Get together with friends.

Schedule a coffee date with a friend whom you can count on to point you to the truth. With the busyness of life, sometimes we decide that getting together with a friend one-on-one is an unnecessary luxury. But that is a mistake. We, as women and as Christians, need one another. Make time for a friend who can encourage you, point out areas of growth, and support you as you fight sin. And do the same for her.


As women, we’re constantly go-go-go. We feel pressure to be productive, to prove our worth, to keep our households running smoothly, to be the best friend and mom and wife and sister and daughter possible.  But God gives us an incredible promise of our identity: We are daughters of the Almighty. This is a truth worth resting in!