I've personally benefited from being life coached by Carey Bailey and I frequently refer others to her as well. Carey will help your dreams and goals become a reality while providing encouragement and insights for where you are today too.
Holley Gerth: certified life coach, speaker and best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing and You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream.
Carey Bailey is not just a life coach but a life friend. She cares, and it's authentic--it's a sincerity that can't be bought, but pours from a genuine, tender heart. Carey's commitment is more than professional; it is a ministry. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Emily T. Wierenga, award winning journalist, artist and author
Carey has been so helpful to me, like, life-changing helpful. She pointed out some hard truths about some of my choices, and it flipped me good.
Sarah Mae, best selling author of 31 Days to Clean & Desperate (co-author with Sally Clarkson)
Carey helped me gain a godly perspective on some life issues that I can’t change and we created a plan for the things I can change. It was just 4 sessions, but like a surgeon, she got at the heart of things. My heart. I am so very thankful for Carey’s focused attention and care. I recommend her coaching every chance I get.
Britta LaFont
Carey Bailey is indeed the Life Coach that the Lord hand picked for me. In each of our sessions I always know that it will be bathed in prayer and that at the end of the time together the Lord will have spoken through her into my heart and soul. I have been experiencing a tumultuous year of lots of changes and loss so I am so grateful for the wisdom and discernment that Carey has provided. She is an excellent listener and I always know I will walk away from our time together encouraged and challenged to not give up on my dreams and desires. It is amazing to me that I can feel so connected to a woman that I have never met. If you have never tried life coaching I would encourage you to do so, you will be blessed!
Page Geske
We talk on the phone once a week and she asks me questions I thought I knew the answer to, but realize I didn’t. Initially, the plan was to focus on getting healthy – eating well and exercising. I need a lot of help and accountability in this area. But Carey is helping me see how my struggles are deeper than food, and there are some areas where I need to dig in and just look at them for a while.
Kayse Pratt
At the beginning of this year, I decided I needed a life coach and remembered hearing great things about Carey. At the time I was really stuck in a few areas and my mindset was a big one. My breakthrough didn't happen overnight but I can tell you that looking back I have grown leaps and bounds. I have so much more freedom in the areas I was struggling in. She gave me these little nuggets of wisdom throughout our time together that have stuck with me over the months. I am forever grateful!
Carrie B.
Carey is a fantastic listener who gives wise, biblical guidance. She enables me to determine “the real issues” and then supports me with ideas and encouragement to create solutions specific to my life. Since working with Carey, I have become more organized, a more present wife and mother, and a more content person overall. God has given Carey a great love for helping women reach their full potential in the Lord which shines through every time she talks with you. " Alex
Carey utilize God's Word and her talent in active listening to assist me in determining the biblical path to take in decision-making, including caring for God's temple (my body!) and developing a daily devotional time with the Lord. Her compassion and genuineness in assisting me to find God's direction is evident by her verbal and online communication. She is the real deal and I would recommend her as a life coach whole-heartedly.
Jackie S.
When I first contacted Carey I did not even know WHAT I wanted her to do or how I wanted her to help me. Through her gentle, thoughtful and insightful questions I was able to gain clarity on what I needed and wanted. During our sessions she walked me through the steps to achieve my goals. Coaching isn’t therapy, but for me, it is a way to help me stay focused on the things that really matter to me and not get bogged down in the things that don’t. And that is VERY therapeutic!
Mary B.
From the first moment I contacted Carey, she was caring and attentive to the story I had to share and the needs I was expressing and allowed the Holy spirit to direct her and guide her responses. When I encountered a stuck place, her refreshing approaches and encouragement gave me the confidence to step out in faith and trust that God would show me exactly what He wanted me to see, not what others wanted me to see. Her desire to see me grow was tempered with her understanding that each person goes at their own pace and that life can sometimes present challenges that change our current course. She was and is patient, understanding and wise. I am thankful for her influence in my life.
Tina R.
Carey is an answer to a prayer! I've learned so much about myself through Carey's incredible, deep and heartfelt questions. She makes you think and encourages you to dig deeper into your faith. She really is your cheerleader who makes you feel like she's sitting right next to you! A great listener, encourager, and coach I highly recommend Carey and can't wait to continue the journey with her.
Jenny B.
Working with Carey over the past year has been a delight. By examining my values and the choices I make daily, she helped me prioritize what matters most to my family and me. She has been a catalyst to change my perspective, embrace who I was created to be, and engage fully in the life I am living. I have learned to become content while thoughtfully making strides to follow the passions and achieve the goals that were once buried by fear and discouragement. Carey’s impact on my life is invaluable.
Kimberly A.
From the first call with Carey, I knew that I had been lead to the right woman at the right time to speak life, truth, and encouragement into my heart, soul, and life. I was at a place where I wanted to grow and move forward in my life, yet felt stuck, like a jeep spinning tires in the mud. I considered counseling, but having benefited from years of that, was actually looking for something different. Something to help pull me out of feeling stuck and propel me forward in the direction of the dreams and desires God has placed in my heart living a life filled with purpose fueled by the passion for serving others. Carey has a tender, caring heart, which is evident in her authenticity, transparency, and willingness to ask hard questions and to speak truth in a kind and encouraging way. Her godly approach, wisdom, and discernment, with sessions bathed in prayer, was unlike anything I had ever before experienced. I was amazed at how 4 sessions completely changed my perspective on my life – even though none of my circumstances had changed – the ripple effect of applying truth to my choices and attitudes continues outward! I am so thankful for Carey, the difference she has made in my life through her ministry as a life coach, and how I could feel like I was talking with a long-time friend, even though we have not met. I recommend Carey with glowing praise and complete confidence.
Jennifer C. Stone