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The Joy NOTS!

Joy verse

If we have ever exchanged email or comments or any form of written communication than you know I sign EVERYTHING “With Joy, Carey!”

This isn’t just to be cute. It is on purpose. 11ish years ago my perfect world I knew was crashing and burning before my very eyes. I was as low as I have ever been and I wasn’t really certain how to dig my way out.

But God knew my way out. He gave me Romans 15:13:

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely WITH JOY and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Here is what I know. Joy IS NOT:

Perfect. Giggles. Romance. Success. Money. Achieving Goals. Being what others expect.

Joy comes from God. The end!

It comes from trusting and knowing that He sent His Son to DIE for US!!!


To wipe away all our wrong turns so that we can live in His perfect creation one day. That is where our joy lies.

Are there things in this world that cause His joy to make our heart beat faster and our mouth smile? You bet! {tweet that!}

I think it is His way of keeping us alive. Right now I notice joy most in the moments I have true quality time with my husband, when I take the time to simply rest with my kids, sharing real life with my girl friends, and being helpful to a mom in her walk to desire God in the midst of motherhood. It is in these spots that I am closest to The One I trust most of all.

Little did I know 11 years ago that God had an adventure awaiting me that I had never ever dreamed could be my reality. The source of hope did fill me WITH JOY and peace so that the Holy Spirit could use me. It was a choice I made to live With Joy and if you find yourself thinking “I wish I had that kind of joy” you can. Make the choice today and head to the source of where it comes.

With Joy, Carey

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