Dream Team

Ug! vs. Woo hoo!

Years ago at a Children’s Ministry conference Ed Young Jr. said

“Change equals growth.”

I have hung onto it forever.

The growth that comes from change isn’t always the “Woo hoo!” kind of growth. Sometimes growth that comes with change makes us feel like we do when we step on the scale and it has gone WAYYYY up and we think “Ug!”.  The only way to get the scale to go down to a happy place is to move…exercise…may wise choices…eat right.

My family has a lot of change going on it in right now. Details will eventually emerge but for now it has to just remain at change equals growth. If I am going to keep from having my scale go way up from stress eating then I need to move…be active…and do things that keep me from going “Ug!”  So when Holley encouraged us this week to STOP delaying and take an action step in our God sized dream I honestly wanted to act like a turtle and hang out in my shell BUT instead I decided I needed to take some steps that make me go “Woo Hoo!”

change equals growth

With that challenge in front of me I reached out to my family and closest friends and revealed a dream I have held in my heart for 12 plus years (never spoken out loud…only to the pages in many a journals) and that is to pursue my certification to be a Life Coach. I wanted to see if they had any reservations and I wanted to use them as a mirror to see if they saw the traits in me needed for the job. So far everyone has been encouraging! Let the “Woo hoo!” feeling begin.  Soooo starting at the end of February I will begin the certification process! I am giddy with excitement to see where this leads and what doors God opens.

To add one more thing to my mom, wife, Children’s Director, friend, writer, blogger, speaker, etc…life seems CRAZY!! but the timing is right in so many ways and it will be good growth that needs to happen with the changes that are coming. So with that said and out in the open I have stopped delaying and I start a new adventure…an adventure I have held tight and now open my hands to.