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Why in the world should I be consistent?

creating consistent

I have decided to makeover the word consistency. It has been looming on my current 90 Day Priority Plan and time is about up. Sooooo I gotta get crackin!

But if I think of shows like The Biggest Loser or The Swan {anyone remember that awful thing?} makeovers take time. This ain’t happening over night ladies. I have some work to do. Mentally and otherwise.

Where to begin? I always start with the WHY?

If you say you want something it is important to know the “why?” The “why?” let’s us make sure it aligns with our values. Because if it doesn’t then it simply doesn’t belong as a priority or your values have shifted from what you thought they were.

The other thing the “why?” does is it clarifies your intentions and in doing that we can see if it is coming from clean motives, selfish motives, God motives, fear motives or possibly all of the above.

cc why

Hmmmm….how to go about this? Let me just see if I can have a little conversation here with myself.

Carey 1: So you have a desire to have consistency be a priority in your life. Can you tell me why?

Carey 2: Why? Goodness. I feel like it would make things so much easier. Simpler. Our days wouldn’t feel so scrambled and out of control. I could actually accomplish the things I want in the day and not feel left at the end of the day like an unproductive failure.

Carey 1: You said “our day wouldn’t be so scrambled.” So who is this for?

Carey 2: Well I want it for me but it benefits all of us…the whole family. If I am consistent then my kids will brush their teeth more than when I remember, they would be able to rely on my words and my actions. If I were consistent my husband would have food on the table that encourages health. If I were consistent my messy office wouldn’t distract me and keep me from focusing when it is time to work. If I were consistent we would all be growing deeper in our understanding of scripture and prayer.

Carey 1: Being that family falls in your top 5 values I would say this priority is a good fit.

Carey 2: Great! Now what?

Carey 1: Let’s just rest here for now. We will pick up tomorrow.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Well…if you aren’t too weirded out by me and my talking selves I would love to know if you have a “why?” defined.

If you desire consistency or maybe you have it named differently…perhaps discipline or developing good habits I would love to cheer you along in your “why?”