Carey’s Story

IMG_1486Fifteen years ago I was freshly out of college and ready to conquer the church ministry world. I found myself working in a large church that was filled with a rich history and seasoned pastors. At the ripe ole age of 24 I felt like I had achieved my life goal. I was ready to rock their world with revolutionary ideas to create change and growth for their ministries. But alas all of my outside of the box thinking was met with rational and responsible “NO’S!”

Soon I found my dreamer spirit being crushed.

I began to think my voice wasn’t valuable. I began to believe that nothing I did was “good enough.” I began to forget the unique ways God had knit me together.

This worldly world was starting to eat me. Thankfully with God’s nudging I attended a workshop in which I was introduced to a couple who served as life coaches. All of their words struck a cord inside me.

I knew the life I was living was not the life I wanted to be living and I knew I wanted to change. Ever felt that way?

I decided to be bold and step into something I had never done before…life coaching. It was terrifying but in four short weeks my coach helped me identify the goal I wanted to reach, supported me in creating truth statements that replaced the lies that were playing in my head and assisted me in developing an action plan for heading into the future.

There are no words to express the amount of freedom I felt.

perfection isn't possibble

Since then I have used life coaches to partner with me in several ways:

Realizing my God-sized dream,
Breaking free from being a people pleaser,
Developing a step by step business plan for Cravings, The Devotional.

Life coaching continues to move me from stuck to un-stuck and assists me in living life the way God designed for me. And now it is my turn to give back as a certified and experienced Life Coach. I know you have your own story and your own desires stirring in your heart. I would love to hear about you and them and develop a purposeful partnership that helps you walk towards freedom.

I believe in Life Coaching because it has revolutionized the way I live and the choices I make. I know it can do the same for you.

Message me here or schedule a free session and let’s get started today.