Subscription Coaching

Never run out of coaching sessions again. 

As an established coaching client you now have the ability to subscribe to your choice of 1,2,3, or 4 monthly coaching calls.

How does it work?

Make a choice of how many sessions you would like to have a month and hit the coordinating subscribe button below. Each month you will be automatically charged for the amount designated.

1 session = $60.00 (regularly $75.00)

2 sessions = $120.00 (regularly $150.00)

3 sessions = $180 (regularly $210.00)

4 sessions = $240 (regularly $280.00)

What is the benefit of a subscription?

You will have a continuous 15% plus discount so you will never need to wait for a coupon code and you will have the convenience of paying monthly and not needing to pay for all your sessions up front.

How will I schedule my sessions?

You will be responsible for scheduling your sessions through Carey’s online calendar. Schedule Today. 

What if I have to cancel my scheduled appointment?

You will need to re-schedule within the same week or month otherwise you will give up that session. Unused sessions will not carry over from month to month.

Email Carey with any questions at careybailey.lifecoach{at}

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Subscription based Voxer Coaching

Coaching via the Voxer app on smart phones is quickly becoming a client favorite. It allows for daily accountability, the immediate ability to ask for prayer and input when you are hitting an obstacle. Carey can’t always respond to you in the moment but she will get back to you within a few hours, Sunday night – Friday afternoon. Email Carey if you would like to try a FREE week of Voxer coaching before you start your subscription.

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