Dream Team

Defining the Dream.


Me and Victoria.

What IS my God sized dream? She asks.

Simple question, right?

Simple for a dreamer.

When I was five it was to be a fire fighting, ballet teaching ,mom.

When I was eight it was to a ballet teaching mom

When I was nine it was to be a teacher/mom

Then I spent some real dreamy years being a dress designer in NY/mom

Around twelve I settled in to wanting be Jane Pauley (former host of the Today Show)/mom.

I hung out there for several years until I was fifteen and audibly heard God call me into full time church ministry as I sat by a motel swimming pool in North Texas on my way to a church River Rafting trip.


There was no wavering for me at that point. At fifteen I focused in and went for it. Pursuing mentorship in my home town church, got my degree in Religion, did internships, and landed my first job as a Children’s and Youth Director for a church in Tuscaloosa, AL. I have served four churches each coming with multiple lessons learned. It is who I am and how I define myself in many circles.

For the last TWENTY YEARS it is all I have even known. And I love it but there are some people I love more. Did you see the other part of the dream above? Mom. I was a little girl that longed to be a mama.

That became a reality for me 4 ½ years ago when Renn leaped into my world. And then again when Avery graced me with her presence. Financially we were not in a spot for me to just play the role of mom. I cried out to God for HELP!!! His response: Dave Ramsey Financial Peace and Cravings:Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood. He asked my husband and me to pursue a debt free lifestyle. We are! But he also asked me to use my own experience as a new mom to help other moms make God time easier. Not less meaningful, just easier. So once again…He called and I pursued. And low and behold the idea was picked up, made into an actual product, and hit shelves last December. I kinda thought  “that was too easy!” Turns out that was the easy part. One reality I wasn’t expecting is that there has been no financial gain. Don’t get me wrong that was not the only purpose for Cravings because I trust and know It has done lots of good things and has been an incredible resource for woman but it hasn’t been the magic pill I was hoping for that could give me freedom to pursue the calling of motherhood full time. The dream…it is still there. The means to get there is still up for playing with. The ideas are rumbling and the prayers are endless.

So what is my God sized dream?

My dream: To invest in my children and family through intentional time and dedicated focus.

What does that mean and how will I get there? I am listening…waiting…and desiring to see how God works out the details.

Dream on. Join me in this season as I partner with Holley Gerth and an incredible group of woman banding together to pursue their God sized dreams.

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