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Getting Rid of Cell Phone Attachment Disorder.


Get rid of CPAD

One of my roles as a Life Coach is to pay attention to patterns in my client’s lives. I watch for words and behaviors they use over and over and call out any obstacles I see in those patterns. Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed multiples clients talking about how their attachment to their cell phone is stealing time, productivity and focus so I thought it deserved a Tips & Tricks video.

Here are 3 actions that have personally benefitted me when I wanted to increase my time and decrease my desire to be attached to my phone.

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I hope you watch the video so you can get all the scoop but if not here are the Cliff Notes:

1.Delete non-essential apps.

For me, this meant getting rid of all social media apps but for you, that also might mean deleting game apps or other distracting apps that suck your time.

2.Leave it behind.

Don’t be afraid to leave your cell phone plugged in beside your bed or even bury in your dirty laundry so it doesn’t steal time away from the places you desire to give it.

3.Give the Forest app a try.

It is an app designed to keep you present.  I am loving it! I am excited for the day I get that tree house tree.

I would enjoy knowing what your favorite tips & tricks are for ridding yourself of cell phone attachment disorder are OR why you find it hard to stay away from your cell phone?

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