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Judgemental Prayer.

It had been a rough morning. It was my ONE day of the week I get to spend all day with the kids so I needed to do SOMETHING to try to redeem the day for us.  I took them to one of those play areas inside a mall  – we had never done that before. We got there and both kids excitedly ran in and were having a grand time. I immediately went into observation mode. Some caregivers (I don’t want to assume they were moms) were sitting around the perimeter on the phone, some were chit chatting with girlfriends, and then there was this one lady who was non-stop yelling at the kids in her care…
Stop that!
Don’t do that!
Cut it out!
I will admit I was completely judgemental and thinking rude thoughts about this lady. Our daughters had the same name so every time she yelled at her Avery, my child turned and looked confused.  I was annoyed that my child was affected by this womans lack of patience. Eventually we left the play area and I let the kids ride one of those little quarter rides and then we headed to the food court via the elevator. As we went to get in the elevator, here came that woman and her two kids. In the elevator she actually tried to make small talk…asking if our daughters had the same name because she noticed her head turning. I quickly answered “yes”.  While my inside thoughts were “Yes, my daughter’s name is Avery and I really don’t appreciate you yelling her name non-stop.” We got out of the elevator and headed in opposite directions only to land in line at Paradise Bakery TOGETHER. I was getting more and more annoyed as the seconds passed. I was frustrated that I had to deal with this woman who from what I could see couldn’t “parent” worth a darn!  She ordered cookies for her kids and I ordered lunch. I made sure to sit at a table that was a certain distance from hers. As I got the kids situated, I kept glancing over at her table until I was finally smacked!
I know, it took a little too long. I was smacked with…
Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God’s people.”  Ephesians 6:18
Don’t be annoyed… pray
Don’t be judgemental… pray
Don’t assume she is a bad mommy… pray
Don’t be rude… pray
Don’t avoid her…pray 
This woman did not deserve my judgement; she deserved my prayers.  Actually, she deserved more than that. She deserved a fellow mom reaching out to her. She deserved to connect. I didn’t know the story behind her face and I didn’t take the opportunity to learn it.
I have lost that. But what is not lost is the power of prayer.
Stay alert! And keep praying!