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July Printables.

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I couldn’t even accurately count the number of times in a day I say “PLEEEEASE, make a good choice and obey.” to my children.

It is a lot!

When I find words that are a pattern in my life I like to evaluate them and ask why? (I never thought of that as odd until I just wrote it down.)

As I was pondering how often I ask my kids to obey me I of course went to thinking about how often I myself am disobedient. (Please tell me you are nodding your head and thinking “me too!”?) How often I let fear cause me to freeze, how often I wish for something someone else has, or how often the words coming from my mouth are not a reflection of Christ in me. Ug! God is saying “Please, make a good choice and obey” to me ALL DAY LONG too.

So it looks like I need a little lesson on obedience. How about you?

Meet our July Printables on obedience.

1st Up!

Pin God 1st Calendar.

July Pin God 1st Slider

We will be turning to the book of Jonah to get our schooling on adult obedience. The goal of Pin God 1st is to help you choose God over social media in your day. Read the assignment each day BEFORE you allow yourself on any social media apps. Get the back story on why and how Pin God 1st got started here.

July Pin God 1st Bible Ready Plan

Download here or print from Google Drive here.

2nd Up!

Memory Verse Printable.

Single Memory Verse

The goal of the memory verse printable is to commit a bit of God’s word to your heart and mind. Print it, trim it, and tape it around areas you frequent. A few ideas for that is your shower glass, microwave door, laundry room cabinet door, back of potty room door, and on your computer.

July Memory Verse

Download here or print from Google Drive here.

3rd Up! *NEW*

Post-it Note Printable To-do List.

July Sample Post It Note To Do List

Now that I am no longer working a 9-5 desk job it seems what I need for a to-do list is changing. I saw this cute idea for rotating post-it notes here but it turned out it wasn’t a printable (insert sad face). As much as I would love, love to hand draw my to-do list it isn’t in realistic so enter my computer version with the memory verse for the month included.

July Post It Note Priorities List

Download here or print from Google Drive here.

Personally, I printed multiples and laminated them so I could use them over and over and plan out multiple days in the week. I am enjoying just moving the notes around and even feeling the freedom to move them to the next day. I am also keeping the ones that will appear monthly so I am not going through a zillion Post-it notes.

You can also download and print all the documents from Scribd.

Enjoy! Have a great July!

P.S. – Can you do my a favor? If these resources are helpful to you then please think about sharing them with a friend.

expires 8/1/2013

expires 8/1/2013