Mama Helpers: July 15th – 22nd


How are you today???

Every Sunday as I work on the Mama Helpers for the week I think of you.

What could bring joy to their week? What could be helpful? What would add a little spice to the day? What would make a good reminder?

Here is how it works for me. I can fold the laundry and be grumpy or I can pump up the Donna Summers on Pandora, get my groove on while I fold, and watch my kids delight in dancing. I can be annoyed at putting all the laundry away or I can turn it into a game by giving the kids things to put away and then they race back to tag me for the next thing. I make the choice for joy!

What are you going to choose this week?

15 Monday16 Tuesday

17 Wednesday18 Thursday

19 Friday20-21 Wknd

Week of July 15-21

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