Dream Team

The Dreamers Club

I am an 80’s kid. So movies like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Some Kind of Wonderful were all on my watch over and over and over and over again list. What did I love about these movies? The DEEP, MEANINGFUL, and INTENSE friendships. But I was never that good with friendships. So this weeks challenge from Holley Gerth to reach out and solidify that I have buddies that are supporting me and encouraging me in the dream caused some heart palpitations.


I have mentioned somewhere before in this space that I am a woman who has a handful of close friends rather than lots of friends. It is just my nature. I didn’t have a sibling till I was 10 so I simply don’t mind alone time, in fact I prefer it. Having friends or buddies is actually a challenge for me and something I put on my weakness list. I have been told I come across as intimidating, unapproachable, and guarded. And the truth is I don’t do much to change that. The group of friends I do have I can count on my fingers and while there are woman out there I THINK I could or would like to be real/true friends with I don’t exactly DO anything to make that happen. The time to get out of my comfort zone in this area of my life is coming…sooner rather than later…and all I can say is it terrifies me.


I am thankful (although I probably don’t say that enough) for the small group of woman that surround me in real life. They are my dreaming buddies. They all serve a different purpose in the dream. Some are cheerleaders, some are realists, some are for venting my woes to, and some remind me when I am low that God and I can do this. The hardest part for me is being real with it. Do I choose to talk about the fact that it all hasn’t gone as I expected, do I say I need to go back to the drawing board and see how this can work differently, do I ask for input and support when I feel tired, lonely, and DONE? Or do I say it is fine? Saying “fine” would be the easy way out. I usually don’t say I am “fine.”


This past weekend I actually got a chance to gather with a few of my “buddies”… friends who have been there from the beginning of this journey with me and LITERALLY throw the dream on the table and say “what next?” I got to listen, wonder, and re-open the dream box. It was good. As EASY as it would be for me to do my dreaming alone I AND we were not created for that. We were created to do life together.   A reminder I need every day. And YES! my friends are KILLING me for posting these pics from an 80’s party I had for my husband. BUT…Oh well!!! :)


What about you? Do you prefer to dream alone or with some dream buddies?

I am also thankful to have friends from the Dream Team joining me on the journey. Jennifer is a new friend and my goodness check out her talents!!! And Teri Lynee is someone God put in my path the first day I started blogging. I can’t not even express what a light of encouragement this woman is!!! Plus she has mad skills.  Both woman are pursuing their dream with passion and I sooooooooo look forward to discovering what God has in store for us together.