Summer of Joy

How To Trailblaze Through Trials.


how to trail blaze final

Last week was a hell of a week. Please understand my hell of a week is relevant to your hell of a week. You could have had a HELL of a week. Here is a mini glimpse into mine:

  • A routine teeth cleaning for my daughter ended up turning into a referral to an oral surgeon which led to a removal of a spot in her mouth for biopsy which led this mama’s mind down the road to news of cancer.
  • My husband landed on jury duty last Monday which means he wouldn’t be in the office all week. He works in sales and on commission. If he is not in the office actively on the phone making calls and doing demos then there are no sales and that means not fun news at the end of the month.
  • My husbands grandfather died last week. And while that wasn’t personally stressful there was just a sense of sadness for family and wondering if I needed to figure out how to get four people already in the midst of a crazy week to Minnesota stat.

Like I said your week could have been sooooooooooooooo much worse than mine and if it was I am sorry. As my week grew with stressors I found myself asking three consistent questions.

1. What IS possible?

As the doctors appointments started mounting I instantly knew my ideal weekly rhythm was getting tossed out the door and scorched by the over 100 degree sun in the desert.

Option 1: PANIC!!!

Option 2: Grab hold of my non-negotiables.

I choose option 2. The normal routine of laundry, dishes, and following my calender of meal planned meals wasn’t going to be possible but what was going to be possible?

  • Time in God’s Word – check!
  • Prayer time with my kids – check!
  • Scripture reading with my kids – check!
  • Prayer time with my husband – check!
  • Clean kitchen sink – got a 1/2 check!

Knowing what I can accomplish at the end of any day (crazy or not crazy) AND that those “to-do’s” fall in line with the priorities God has set for our family allows my mind to let go of the rest. Does it mean there is lots of catch up this week and some tweaking and adjusting to do? You bet! But, at the end of the day I can lay my head down on my pillow and trust in my heart that I loved God and reflected Jesus. THAT is possible.

2. Who can help?

Often in the midst of trials we sit. We sit by ourselves with thoughts spinning and running like hamsters in our minds. I am 110% guilty of that last week. For days last week I imagined being told my child has cancer. How would I react? Feel? How would I respond to God? What would our life look like? None of that helped anything. What can help? Wisdom. NOT Google…real wisdom ladies!

    • Wisdom from scripture. Seriously, there is not a scenario you are facing that isn’t referenced in scripture. Look at Job for goodness sake. We have example after example of how to and how to NOT handle trials from those who have gone before us. Go to them, learn from them, implement the good of what you see and hear from them.

For me I headed straight to Psalm 121:1

“My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.”

I said it, sang, hummed it, and professed it to my kids constantly.

Don’t live in your perception.

Live in the reality of truth!

    • Wisdom from friends. Last week I had to bail on what was supposed to be a Wednesday post (it became a Thursday post) from myself for Summer of Joy. I emailed Britta with a confession that the was not coming her way. She kindly asked if she could be praying and I let her know for what. Well low and behold Britta had worked in a Periodontist office and had so much helpful knowledge for me and assisting my little on the road to recovery. Don’t be afraid to ask for help/prayer. You never ever know how God is going to use it to support you in your current circumstance.

3. How can I find rest?

During the week I work towards Sabbath. I get up early,early and I stay up late,late Sunday night through Thursday night knowing that Friday afternoon till Sunday early evening I rest. I am good with this. But, this week my mind wasn’t in it. One day I made the choice to lay in bed, with my two littles, during the late afternoon for close to two hours watching shows. Could I have been up taking care of busyness? I could have. But, it had been a long and hard day and we just needed to be vegetables that veg.  One night I threw in the towel and went to bed at 9:00 p.m. rather than my normal 11 p.m. because if I didn’t I was just going to be wasting time mingling about everyone else’s lives on Facebook rather than caring for my own life that needed sleep. Where can you find rest this week?

Trials of any kind bring about a human anxiety filled response in our mind, body, and heart but God is clear. He has already paved the trail for us. 

rejoice 2

There is nothing easy about this verse. Nothing. Words like ALWAYS, IN EVERYTHING, and DO NOT make you want to shake your head and think this is impossible. But, with God NOTHING is impossible. {insert another round of head shaking}

If you find yourself in the midst of trials right now then bow your head, close your eyes, and choose hope by handing it all over. Choose joy that comes from an active Holy Spirit residing inside of you that wants to be used to bring you peace. You can do this!

It has been an honor serving along side Britta this summer bringing you a #SummerofJoy. Even though you will no longer have a bookmark telling you to “buy yourself flowers” my hope is that it is now a habit you will not break.

pocket plan 1.2P.S. – Curious about establishing your non-negotiables? Get in on the Pocket Planning craze.