10 Reasons Why God is Cooler than Social Media.

new-cake-plate-3Today we begin our quest to choose God over social media. Today we Pin God 1st! 

It doesn’t matter what time you read the Bible it just matters that you make the choice to check in with God before you update your status, tweet, instagram, pin, etc…. I have tried to make it as easy as possible. There are calendars here and here. If you have a smart phone you can also put Google Cal on your phone and access the schedule that way.

As we head out on this adventure I thought a Top Ten list of why God is cooler than any social media venue you use would be encouraging. Imagine hearing a drum roll now……

10 Reasons Why God is Cooler than Social Media.

10. God already “likes” you without a friend request.

9. God already knows how you are without a status update.

8. God will give you as may characters as you need to fill Him in on your day.

7. God will never block you.

6. God doesn’t need a reminder that it is your birthday.

5. God will never un-friend you.

4. God doesn’t need cool photo filters to think you are awesome.

3. God sees your latest art and knows it worth more than any amount of re-pins.

2. In God’s eyes you are cooler than any “above your head” self portrait you take.

1. God has a whole entire book of cool quotes and words of wisdom for you to share.

Have one of your own reasons that God is cooler than social media? Would love to hear it.

If you missed today’s start date it is never too late. Jump on board!