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10 Reasons You Should Choose Rest

If you’ve visited my blog at all lately, you know that I believe as women we deserve more time! Some may ask, “Isn’t that selfish?” Not at all. We must learn to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

Here are 10 reasons Christian women need to find time for themselves:

  1. You need oxygen!

You know how on the plane, if there’s an emergency, you’re supposed to put your own oxygen mask on before your child’s? The same applies in everyday life. You are only able to extend yourself to others once your needs are taken care of first.

  1. You teach people how you’d like to be treated by the way you treat yourself

Women who prioritize their well-being will naturally command the same treatment from others. The amount of respect you show yourself is instantly evident to others. Ask for respect from others by first demanding it of yourself.

  1. Your emotions stay in check

When you give yourself time to decompress, pray and spend time with God, you find time to unpack any bad feelings you have, address them and get over them. This keeps you sane and happy as a mother, wife and friend.

  1. You learn to live in God’s purpose

Women tend to put other’s expectations before their own. Giving yourself some meaningful alone time opens up your direct connection to God, giving  you more focus on Him rather than what everyone else is thinking.

  1. You remove negativity in your life

No one needs any extra negativity in their life. We are all busy women! There is no room for someone or something that is going to pull you further away from God or your family. Dedicated alone time allows you to see who and what is taking you away from your path with God, so you can work to get it out of your life.

  1. You attract the good

The more genuine you are with yourself and with God, the more genuine your pursuits, friends and activities become.

  1. You become kinder

When you are kinder to yourself, you find more patience for other people. Alone time is incredibly helpful to loving and leading your life with grace.

  1. You get more done!

When you learn to take care of yourself, you’re not dragging through the day because you’re tired or distracted by a negative relationship. You care more about the things you are passionate about and make time for those things.

  1. You become a better steward

As soon as you start taking care of yourself, you become more steadfast on your walk with God, have more energy and put your priorities in better order. This allows you to become a better steward with the gifts that God gave you!

  1. You get closer to God

While you, as a Christian woman, may have a daily devotional ritual or daily prayer time, taking some alone time for yourself will only strengthen your relationship with God. The more you talk with Him, walk with Him and spend time in His Word, the closer you’ll be!

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