Battling “The Whine”

“Turn off THE whine.”
I feel like a broken record!!! I say it all day long.
Why, why can’t my three year old figure out that if he would simply start his sentences with “Please mommy may I ___________?” we would have THE most pleasant day EVER?
But alas no matter how much we practice, how many times I say “You are missing a word” or “I can’t hear you” we run into the art of whining at some point in the day.
It is ridiculously annoying!!!
When is he going to grow out of it?
Can I get an Amen?
Ah….but then I take a deep breath and think of how I sound to God during the day.
Pause. Think about it.  
I know a day doesn’t go by that God isn’t wishing I would TURN OFF THE WHINE!
I whine about
Wanting an easier morning routine
Wanting the heat to go away
Wanting more money
Wanting more time
Wanting a personal chef
Wanting a fitness trainer
Wanting my eyebrows waxed
Wanting more motivation
Wanting more skill sets
Wanting more, more, more!
Let’s be real. I am no better than a three year.
Seriously, just read Exodus 16 & 17. That sounds like me.
I wish God would just audibly yell “Turn off the whine!”
Sure, God and I have our morning time where I am perfectly pleasant and thankful but how quickly my mood shifts as soon as doing life starts.
The best advice I can give myself to fight this battle is what I say to my son. “Turn off the whine! If you do I can promise you we will have one of the most pleasant days ever enjoying all the rich, rich blessings that surround you.”
Praying you can battle the whine and see that “This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24