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BIG Announcement & Discount Code!

Did you know I have a fear of water?
I do.
I have since I was a little thing and it has never gone away. I love the beach and the sound of water I just don’t love being in the water or especially being splashed by water.
So you can understand how painful the idea of jumping into a deep pool would be for me.
Weeeellll…it feels like I am about to jump off of the high dive right now.

I am two weeks away from celebrating the start of my 4th year of coaching. Ladies, I truly never imagined this ride. For the sake of curiosity I checked and I have had the opportunity to coach over 100 women one-on-one in the last three years. What a joy and privilege! But I still find myself saddened when I hear of someone who desires coaching but they can’t see how it is possible with their current resources. So, for them, I am ready to belly flop into the water.

I am officially launching my first online coaching course, Craving Time (And yes, no matter how many things I launch it feels terrifying).

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Craving Time participants will take a Values Inventory, deepen their understanding of their daily responsibilities, claim & name their non-negotiables, learn to plan in the the natural pockets of their day, and utilize their gap moment with purpose.

While video based coaching will never replace one-on-one coaching and the sacred work we do together my prayer is that this 5-week course will be a resource to women who feel stuck and desire change in their day-to-day living.

If this is a fit for you then I want to offer you a 10% discount code. 

The code is: LAUNCH
You can share this code via email, social media or with a small group  if you know others who would be interested. It will be valid till July 1st.

Curious? Want to learn more or get yourself signed up? Click here.