Sole Hope

When your bra pops in public. Awkward!

You know that super uncomfortable moment when your bra pops in public or maybe you decide to wear tights with a skirt and you can feel them starting to inch down? Awkward! That is how I feel right now as I write this. But, it has got to get done.

Soooo I leave in 22 days for Africa. I was invited as a blogger to go with Soul Hope and tell their story. My whole purpose is bring light to the jigger infestation facing the families in the region of Uganda. I will be removing jiggers, meeting with tailors and families, and blogging. I will be telling the stories I experience with one mission. My goal is to inspire others to host a shoe cutting parties. More to come on this. This is all a crazy honor that I never expected or imagined.


But first I have to get there! To be honest though my funding isn’t where I need it to be. I am currently $1900.00 short. Would you prayerfully consider partnering? I learned today that a Venti Starbucks is $5.17. Would you sacrifice one of those for this journey? It will allow me to  bring light to this story and the children in Uganda who have a need for us to take our old jeans and turn them into shoes. Ahhhhhh….the simplicity of a pair of shoes.


I can promise you that my family has made a financial sacrifice for this trip. I can not ask something of you that I am not willing to do myself. And I realize maybe it sounds foolish to have agreed to go on a trip that I couldn’t afford personally but that was part of the risk involved.


So, here I am…a girl…with her bra popped in public looking to you and asking for you to help cover me so I can fix the situation. I have another payment due to Soul Hope in 2 days. If you are able to help support that effort I would be tremendously blessed.


You can give through my You Caring page.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or if it would be helpful for you to be sent a copy of my budget for this trip I am more than willing to send it your way. Thanks ladies.