Cravings {The Devotional)

The closest I will get to an Oscars Speech, probably. But you never know.

Since the Cravings daily devotional product, which hits stores next week, is not in a traditional book form I did not get the opportunity to have a thank you page. But there is a need to express my most utmost thanks to the people that made this little dream in my heart become a reality. 
This is my page of appreciation.

To my incredibly beautiful children from God who serve as my constant source of inspiration.
To my supportive and loving husband Eric who is a rock.
To my Mama who challenged me to dream, spent countless hours proofing, and for simply thinking this is “really cool”.
To my Daddy and brother who are silent supporters.
To Renee Kizziar for never allowing me to let go and being an incredible Relevant 2011 sponsor.
To Kristine Deininger who listened to my heart and turned vision into visuals.
To Mrs. Carolyn Snelling who pushed open doors for me that I couldn’t have imagined and is an encourager in the best form.
To Ginger Ciminello who proofed, suggested scriptures, and is my constant cheerleader.
To Carrie Fay Amaro who edits with a wicked red pen and makes me smile.
To Michelle Garland who grants permission to run with crazy ideas
To Erin Wiens for always believing in me and being the best assistant ever.
To Virginia Long who makes me think I am a “big deal”.
To Fernando Amaro for being a supportive office mate through the process.
To Eva Sersland for the cutest business cards to be had.
To Angie Bailey for screening it through your eyes and being a prayer warrior.
To Jonathan Massey for being an outside perspective.
To Alli Sparks for being a fabulous partner in making this project a reality.
To Dicksons for giving an outsider a shot.
To the Radiant Church Staff for being dreamers alongside me.
To the Radiant Church Family for being my home.
To the moms of the world that have Cravings for God in the midst of motherhood I am praying for you.
And most of all to:
God. Thank you for being my source of vision, strength, hope and creativity.
This is for you!