Prayer/Prayer Requests

Dear Daughter,

I am privileged to be guest posting today on MODSquad. It is such an incredible site for mothers of daughters! Please check it out and make plans to join other MODSquad moms in their “31 Days of Prayer” series starting October 1st.
If you are visiting from MODSquad, welcome! I hope you will get cozy, dig around, and stay awhile.

Dear Baby Girl,

I sat in the waiting room. I was doing what you do in the doctors’ office waiting room;
I was waiting.
But it was a special kind of waiting. I was waiting to find out if you were a boy or a girl. Of course, I had no preference but my heart was certain that you were a girl.
As I waited, I had a pen in one hand and my trusty journal in the other hand. I found journaling to be the only way that I got through the worrying that also came with these doctors’ appointments.
I stepped out in faith knowing you were a girl, without picture proof, and began praying for you.
I was praying typical motherly prayers such as… passion for Christ, strength, health, love for others, protection from evil, and then wham! I was hit.
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