Craft Week: Mobiles

How to Make Butterfly Mobiles

Here is a tutorial for the mobiles I created for Avery’s Vintage Butterfly Ball. 


Wreath – mine was a 12″ from The Dollar tree
Fishing Line
Die Cut Shapes in various sizes
Double Sided Tape or Glue Dots
All instructions and measurements will be for a 12″ wreath

 Step 1:

Wrap wreath with greenery (18″) and ribbon (60″) as desired. 

Step 2:

Cut 32 small die cut butterflies
Cut 32 medium die cut butterflies
(If you don’t have a die cut machine you can trace shapes using cookie cutters or print a shape from microsoft clipart.)
Cut 4 strands of 22″ long fishing line
Using double sided tape or glue dots stick coordinating front and back of each shaped butterfly to the 22″ long strand of fishing wire.  Start your top set of butterflies 5″ from the top. Alternate one small set with one medium set or whatever pattern you choose. I used 2 sets of each size on a strand. 
Only place glue in the “body” portion of the butterfly so that you can separate the wings into 3-D form. You will create 4 strands.

Step 3:

Cut 24 pieces of tulle. 20″ long and 5″ wide
Using 3 pieces of tulle I made 8 mini poms using the accordion fold tissue paper pom technique. But I have since discovered there are easier ways to make them as shown on Once Wed. 
Lesson learned for next time!

Step 4:

Tie 2 poms to a 18″ strand of fishing line leaving space in between to tie a coordinating bow. Also leave 3-5″ of space from the top so you have room to tie the strand onto the wreath. You will create 4 strands. 

Step 5: 

Tie your four strands with butterflies and your four strands with poms around the wreath. I alternated the strands and tied at various heights. Trim the fishing line at the top. 

Step 6:

Cut 4 strands of ribbon at 24″ length to tie onto the wreath for hanging. Tie each ribbon onto the wreath…space evenly.

Step 7:

This is where it gets a bit tricky for me. Grab all four of the ribbons you just tied on and gather them together above the wreath. The wreath will be hanging below you. 

Tie those four ribbons in a knot at the top once you have it balanced where all sides are hanging even. I have to stand to do this and I find an extra set of eyes is  helpful to make sure I have all sides even. 

Step 8:

Hang from the ceiling with a hook or I simply used a push pin since I knew it would be coming down in a few hours. 


I am happy to help with any questions. So many possibilities!