Craving Time, Life Coaching

Craving Time in 2017?

At the end of the day, do you find that you’ve run out of time to do all the things you wanted to? Or, do you find yourself worn down by “it all” and wishing you were giving yourself some more soul care? As women and mompreneurs, we take it upon ourselves to be caregivers to our families, our friends, our communities and put ourselves last–which ultimately ends up hurting our relationship with God.

Does more quality time to accomplish the things you want to do sound like one of the best things God could place in your life?

I can help! And it won’t take a lot of money, or take away even MORE time from you. Let me come alongside you as a partner. As a certified Christian Life Coach, I have equipped over 160 women to walk in an abundant life from God’s perspective and I am confident this 5-week eCourse can help you satisfy your craving for time. My goal is simple: to support women with a desire to satisfy their cravings for an abundant life. What joy that brings!

Get all the time you CRAVE to feel at peace in how you spend your day, and release time back to the one who made it, God, with Craving Time.

When you sign up for Craving Time, you’ll get access to my 5-week eCourse complete with personal coaching, weekly video training, worksheets, and rhythms and mindsets. This will help you make better choices with your time based on who God designed you to be. The best part? You’ll get access to the course for six months, allowing you to drive through the designed 5-weeks, or take as much time as you need and go at your own pace. You are “craving time” after all, so I want you to have a fair amount of it to figure out how to get back on the path God has designed you without pressure or stress.

Expect clear and organized communication from me and biblically-based teaching sessions grounded in prayer. I will be real with how I have battled the ticking clock and have learned to live in a day with fewer to-do’s on my plate.  Every woman’s story is unique and I consider it an incredible honor to contribute to the evolving lives of my clients. God does the work and I am thankful to be a vessel in the process.

Feel confident in making choices based on who God designed you to be and how He uniquely knit you together with Craving Time.