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Dear God, How do I explain makeup?

Dear God how do I explain make-upGod,

Avery comes in as I am putting on make-up and every time she asks me “why?”

What do you say?

The first time I ALMOST said because it makes you pretty. But thankfully I stopped!


That is not what I want her to hear or think. I don’t want her to think that make-up is what makes her pretty. She IS pretty! She IS sheer beauty! I mean just look at her.


I do. I see her. I made her.

Yes, you did. She is beautiful and I want her to know she is beautiful just as she is…make-up not needed.

So, why do you do it?


The make-up. She wonders. I wonder.

Because…it makes me pretty.



That is my honest answer. When I look in the mirror I see eye wrinkles I am smothering with lotions morning and night, I see eye brows that desperately need waxing, some gray hair popping from somewhere, lashes I wish were longer, a nose I still wish was smaller despite a nose job, and that is just my face…let’s dare not move around.

Carey, to whom do you belong?

I am yours. Your child.


And you know what you want for Avery? I want for you.

Blah. I know where this is headed.

I want you to know you are beautiful. I want you to know you are beautiful as you are…make-up not needed. What you see in her I see in you. You have a chance to teach her what she sees when she looks in the mirror. What do you see?

You. We see you. We see your workmanship. We see your handiwork. We see your eyes, your heart, your soul, your mind through us.

There is no make-up in existence that makes that prettier or better. Make-up just is what it is.

How do I teach her that? That make-up is not even an enhancer or an add on but just is. Is a choice.


I need you on board. I need you to see what I see in you. Can you do that?


 I need you to do this because you have a job from me to you. I need you to help her see me through her. She isn’t just beautiful because of her features she is beautiful because her reflection is of me.


You praise me because you are wonderfully made…unique and your soul knows it.

She praises me because she is wonderfully made…unique and her soul knows it. 

My soul knows it. That is the part I am breathing in. My soul knows it.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14


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