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Mama Helpers for July 8 – 14th


I really did not mean to go MIA last week but I went to visit my parents in Ruidoso, New Mexico and well guess what? They didn’t have internet!!! What is a girl to do??? I panicked for a moment and then let my self unplug except for the emails I could take care of on my phone. We enjoyed freezing temps, hail, good food, dirt cheap antique finds, road tripping, a small town 4th of July parade and more! I hope you had a great holiday too.

If you don’t hangout with me via social media then you may have missed Sarah Mae sharing about her experience using me as a Life Coach {blush, blush}. It was/is an honor to have her share and I am beyond thankful. Because my heart would love to just give Life Coaching away to EVERYONE I decided to offer a 20% off discount code. So if you have ever thought about it or wondered what it is all about get scheduled for a FREE introductory session. It only hurts a wee bit!

expires 8/1/2013

expires 8/1/2013

As a Life Coach one of the things I hear most often from moms is that life feels overwhelming and there is no balance in the day to get anything done. Mama Helpers is designed to bring you some balance. Each day it will give you an idea of how to include God, others, self, your home, and fun into your day. If you are skeptical try it for just one week and see if you don’t notice a bit more joy in your day.

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July 8-14th


Download from Google Drive here or download the PDF version here.


PDF Versions you can add to your iBooks: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday & The Weekend.