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I hope you don’t think I am too crazy but I have seriously JUST recovered from Africa. I never imagined that. Never! It is nice to finally feel like I have come back to life.

I think I have mentioned it around these parts before but my husband and I started a prayer journal a few years back. Mostly because we barely have 10-15 minutes of conversation a day that doesn’t involve the kids in some way. Our prayer journal is our way of staying connected with what each other needs.

For the past several months my husband has been wrestling with some stuff (not my laundry to air) and so I got to thinking what if that stuff he was dealing with was our prayer priority for April. He liked the idea so we tried it. That doesn’t mean we didn’t pray for other things but it did mean that EVERY night for the month of April we asked God for vision and direction in that specific area. Our hands were open and we were ready to wait expectantly for God. And by golly it was so cool! Conversations started happening, doors started opening, things shifted and tweaked in ways we were hoping. Not everything is a bed of roses but it was obvious that there was movement.

The truth is there was movement before last month but our eyes were filled with so much other stuff or perhaps we were whining more than praying that we weren’t seeing how God was and is at work. You know how when you buy a new car and then you suddenly start seeing it EVERYWHERE! That is what it was like.

So the Pin God 1st focus for May is prayer related. I am excited! We have a new focus this month: our health. I dove into the deep end of bad choices when I got back from Africa and I am ready to get back on the good choices train, my husband wants to be an example setter for our kids, and I have a slew of regular check-ups that keep getting put off. So here we go! Do you have something? What would you like to name as your Prayer Priority for May?

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The goal of Pin God 1st is to help you choose God over social media in your day. Read the assignment each day BEFORE you allow yourself on any social media apps. Get the back story on why and how Pin God 1st got started here.

May 2014  Pin God 1st Plan

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May Memory Verse

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