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November Printables

It is official we have begun the holiday season.

It can be so easy to decide you are sooooooooooooooooooo busy during the holidays that God time takes a back seat. But, the reality is that if we have any hope of keeping a sense of calm in the midst of culture driven chaos God time has to sit with us in the front seat.

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Here are you November Printables that look forward to being your helpers.

Pin God 1st

November Pin God 1st Logo

The goal of Pin God 1st is to help you choose God over social media in your day. Read the assignment each day BEFORE you allow yourself on any social media apps. Get the back story on why and how Pin God 1st got started here.

November Pin God 1st

Download here or from Google Drive here.

 Printable Memory Verse

November Printable Memory Verse

Download here or from Google Drive here.

Post It Note To List 

November Post It Note Priorities Prinatable

Download here or from Google Drive.