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Pin God 1st: April Calendar

slider 2We did it! We completed the 47 day challenge to choose God before social media. I loved getting pictures of your coffee stained and checked marked calendars. I know it held me accountable. Most days I was able to do it 1st thing in the morning but one day I had to wait till late afternoon to get some quiet time and every time my fingers almost checked facebook or Pinterest I simply kept saying… “Pin God 1st!” Are you ready to do it again? Here is the printable calendar for April. For the last series we walked through the incredible life of our Savior, Jesus. This month we are going to walk through our word of the month: Thankful!

April Reading Plan

Download the April Reading Plan by clicking here
or download from Google Drive. 

I hope you will enjoy sharing this via social media so that other mamas can be reminded what should come 1st in their day.

On Instagram or Twitter use #PinGod1st

This month I will also challenge you as you read each scripture to do the following:

1. Read the scripture once and ask yourself what word or short phrase jumps out at you first?
2. Read the scripture again out loud and ask yourself what word or phrase jumps out at you during the second reading? (It might be the same as step one)
3. Read the scripture a third time and this time write down what word or phrase jumps off the page at you. After you are done reading right down what you feel God is trying to say to you through this Word. (Again, it might be the same as step one or two. It also might not be. Trust God.)

If you ever have questions or ideas please