Life Coaching

How to Reclaim Your Want To’s

Like most of you, I have a to-do list. Some days, I’m crossing things off left and right, and I feel pretty good about myself. Other days, it grows to be a mile long, and I get discouraged. Either way, I usually need to remind myself what actually makes up my to-do list.

Because “to-dos” aren’t just things we need to get done. There’s purpose behind each item.

There’s the purpose of keeping our families fed.

There’s the purpose of keeping our bosses happy.

There’s the purpose of maintaining our health.

But what about the to-dos that feed our joy? How often do we plan for those?


When I first transitioned from working outside the home to working at home, I was a little shocked that I didn’t suddenly have all the time in the world. (I know. All the work-at-home moms are laughing right now!) For some reason, I thought I would actually have more time once I didn’t answer to an outside employer’s schedule.

So I took a deep breath, looked at the clock, and started checking items off my list. I was getting things done, and getting them done well.

And boy, was I miserable.

I was doing all (well, many) of the things I absolutely had to do. And I loved those things. I loved coaching women (and obviously still do!). I loved working on my website because that meant I could reach more people. I loved caring for my kids because it meant getting time with them, even if it was just over PB&Js.

But every night, I would fall into bed wanting to cry, because I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to. I wasn’t feeding my joy.

I realized I was setting my priorities based on what I thought others were expecting of me, rather than what God was planning for me. I was forgetting to take stock of my values. Does that sound familiar?

My Craving Time e-course is designed to help you do exactly what I finally did: Take a close look at your values, and live in the freedom God has gifted us with through His Son. Sometimes it takes a little extra nudge to take our desire for joy seriously, and that is what Craving Time is designed for. I’ll spend five weeks (or however long you want to spend on the course) gently guiding you as you take a deep look at the things you have a God-given love for. I’ll help you sort out how to organize your time around those things.

Because when we forget that we are called to delight in God’s good gifts, we forget that there is more than a dry task or two on our to-do lists.

We’re never going to be done with to-do lists entirely — if we were, our kitchens would all be piled with dirty dishes and our bank accounts would be perilously low (and although money is just a tool and is a gift from God, we do need to steward it responsibly!). But God has given us each 24 hours in a day, and He has given us each a gift and passions, and He has called us to use all of those things wisely. Let’s work on doing that this summer as we pursue joy together!